The Elephone U Pro

Elephone U Pro is without a doubt the best phone model ever released from this chinnese brand, and it offers some premium features at an affordable price(R6000) running on a Snapdragon™ 660 driven by 6 GB of ram and a whopping 128 GB of storage.

Breathing light

This feature is placed right at the back of the handset, on the actual logo. The “shining light” is not only a decoration, but also a notification for calls,charging and messages.Aside from the breathing light that blinks when there’s an incoming call, there’s also another nice looking unique feature. The Elephone U Pro’s incoming call light function glares at the curved surface coupled with Elephone’s unique ringtones flashing to the rhythm .

Invisible navigational buttons

Invisible navigational buttons in order to preserve the minimal bezels Elephone’s engineers turned the navigational buttons into a flat horizontal bar with software buttons. You can just swipe from the bottom of the display over the “button” to activate this functionality. Intuitive and futuristic, Sliding side menu with the phones getting bigger and the bezels close to non-existent the controls for the curved phones can get tricky. So this is the time for the sliding menu to come into place to give the users the often used apps.


Elephone U Pro uses ArcSoft technology for improving the pictures and you can also easily add some flair to your pics with Faceu, stickers with glitter. Easy, funny and little bit childish to enhance your pics