Rooting VFD 1100

All my time of rooting and modding devices,the VFD 1100 aka Vodafone Tab 2 3G has been the most difficult from not having any available roms or recoveries working on it.
During my time with this device it has out performed my expectations and is actually not a bad device for its price range.

I did however find that the VFD 1100 is actually an Alcatel Pixi 4 (7) which provided no help in rooting the device, with over 20 methods and one click root apps I have tried I have had no luck.
One method that came close was using Fastboot on pc. I suppose getting the Alcatel Pixi Rom would make the rooting process easier but then again it could also brick your device. So try the fastboot method listed below but in my experience you are better off not rooting the device I suggest just picking up VFD 696 for around the same price and it can be rooted with almost all methods out there.


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Click here for the fastboot guide- Root VFD 1100